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16-Week Course


Kick start your career by learning to code in 16 weeks


Course Details

Our full-time, project-based software development course is fast-paced and stimulating – just like your new career in the demanding tech industry will be.

We’re the first digital skills academy in the UK to become a Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) approved centre, which means we are the only UK academy to be able to offer a Professional Development Award in Software Development, recognised and endorsed by employers across Scotland.

With a high ratio of instructors to students, our teaching approach supplements and complements more traditional routes.

Locations: Glasgow and Edinburgh

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Course Topics

Industry Talks & Events

We engage with our Employer partners and wider tech community to deliver a range of interactive and informative sessions. Talks bring employers to the forefront giving you an insight into their company culture, skillset and clients; you'll have opportunities to attend industry-led ‘bolt-on’ sessions introducing innovative and emerging technologies in face-to-face workshops with developers and employers. We host and attend tech meet-ups and hackathons to extend your learning and engagement with the tech community.


Object Oriented Programming

Object oriented programming is used by most contemporary software development teams to create flexible and maintainable programs and applications that can scale to meet delivery needs. Learning OO programming fundamentals in Ruby, JavaScript and Java will allow you to understand and apply core coding principles and practice in designing complex, intricate programs that are efficient, robust and meet industry standards.



Testing is an inherent process in software and web design and development cycles. Implementing a test-driven development (TDD) approach from the start across multiple programming environments, you will learn to embed and refine your code to meet high standards of coding and ensure your programs run effectively and efficiently at every level.



Starting from Week 1 you will be building a portfolio of work that includes four major coding assignments reflecting the different modules of the course: a web application using a lightweight framework and SQL; a web application built entirely using vanilla JavaScript and NoSQL; a web application using heavier weight frameworks with an ORM, and a native application using a statically typed language. Working within an Agile methodology you will develop projects both independently and as part of a team to produce professional applications that showcase your skills.


Web Application Development

The web is our most familiar interface to programming, and designing and developing web applications is a core part of our course. Starting with a basic understanding of web structures using HTML/CSS and core OO programing you will start to build dynamic, responsive applications using web frameworks such as Rails and React to deploy extensive features and functionality across multiple platforms.



Databases are the engines that capture, store and deliver information to and from programs and applications in an interactive process. Understanding how SQL, and other more recently crafted database approaches work, you will learn to make and manage solutions that validate and store information safely and securely for future use.